2021 Conference Program

28th Annual NINE Spring Training Conference

March 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 2021

* All times are Mountain Time


6:00-6:15 p.m.            Welcome: Emcee Steve Gietschier


Greetings from Cooperstown! :  25 Years at the Baseball Hall of Fame

Jim Gates, Librarian Emeritus, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

7:45 –                       Virtual Happy Hour


10:00-11:45 am          THE OMAR MORENO SESSION

R.A.R. Edwards, “Claiming a Legacy: Dummy Hoy and the Signs of Baseball”

Brian Sheehy, “Selling Patriotism: The Connection Between Baseball, the Military, and the Government in WWI and WWII”

Mark Jent, “Chasing Brooklyn: My Journey to Meet the Remaining Brooklyn Dodgers”

Charles DeMotte, “Marge Schott: Free Speech and Political Correctness”

1:00-3:15 pm              THE JIM BUNNING SESSION

W. Scott Jackson, “The Creation of the Game? : The Baseball Exemption, How it Began, Where it is Now, and Where it Needs to Go”

Joseph Eaton, ” ‘Rick Monday . . . You made a great play’: Baseball, Patriotism, and Protest in the Bicentennial Year”

Mitchell Nathanson, “Rules for Baseball Radicals: How Jim Bouton and Ball Four Changed the Narrative of Baseball”

Kevin A. Johnson and Jennifer J. Asenas, “Freedom of Expression in Baseball: The Public, the Private, and the Political”

Charlie Vascellaro, “How I Survived the Baseball Apocalypse”


6:00-7:45 pm             THE PEPPER PAIRE SESSION

Eric B. Berg, “The First Professional African American Baseball Player in Minnesota”

Emalee Nelson, “Cuba, Colorism, and Curveballs: The Story of Seven Cuban Women’s Journey in the AAGPBL”

Scott D. Peterson, “Finding Ella, or What Can We Learn from Historical Fiction?”

Cathy Leogrande, “America’s Pastime? : Baseball and Immigrant Populations”


10:00 am-12:15 pm             THE BIFF POCOROBA SESSION  

Chris Stride, “Why Aaron Stayed in Atlanta and Cobb Didn’t Go to Cobb County: When Baseball Statues Meet Ballpark Relocation”

Lee C. Kluck, “Go West, Young Man: Harry Dalton, the California Angels, and a Case of Manifest Destiny Derailed”

Paul Hensler, “Catching Baseball Fever: The Marketing Boom of the 1980s”

Dan Levitt, “Baseball’s First Drug Controversy”

Steve Treder, “The Lip and the Nice Guy: Leo Durocher and Horace Stoneham”

1:30-3:15 pm              THE TURKEY STEARNES SESSION     

Michael Cozzillio and Ed Edmonds, “In the Wake of Robinson: The Impact of Breaking MLB’s Color Barrier on the Black Press”

David C. Ogden, “Tracking the Decline: Results of a Two-Decade Study of African Americans in Youth Select Baseball”

Roberta J. Newman, “From Zeros to Heroes: Morita Manasori’s Rookies, Shonen Manga, and the Transformative Powers of Baseball”

Howard M. Wasserman, “Testing the Koufax Curve: How 18 Jewish Pitchers, 18 Jewish Hitters, and Rod Carew Performed on Yom Kippur”


6:00-8:15 pm              THE BOB PRINCE SESSION

Allison Levin, ” ‘Baseball Twitter’: The Best Way to Watch a Game?”

Bob Cullen, “William Morris Hunt’s The Ball Players and Why It Still Matters Today”

Natalie Stopyra and Rick Burton, “Kren Bats: An American Story”

Katie Neipris, “Examining Gendered Spectatorship through Baseball Songs”

Adam J. Criblez, “Baseball: Just a (Board) Game?”


6:00-8:00 pm              THE BILL KIRWIN SESSION     

Seymour Medal Award, presented to Eric Nusbaum (Stealing Home) by Scott Bush, CEO, Society for American Baseball Research

8:30-                     Virtual Happy Hour

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