9 Online Program

*All times Eastern Daylight Time


Session #1—7:00-8:30 pm

  • Ed Edmonds, “Over a Century in the Making: Myths and Misconceptions about Major League Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption and New Challenges to its Continuation”
  • Gary Gershman, “Baseball in Wonderland: Hypocrisy, Contradiction, and Paradox”
  • Robert Elias, “Fido: Mark Baldwin and the Early Baseball Labor Movement”

Session #2—8:30-10:00 pm

  • Eric Poulin, “Here Comes the Pizzer: The Found Poetry of Gerald Peter Remy”
  • Emalee Nelson, “Diplomacy, Baseball, and the Chase for Democratic Opportunity”
  • Rick Burton, “One Legendary Miller Lite Commercial: Using Baseball to Sell Beer”
  • Logan VanTreeck, “Baseball: Mindful Preparation or Superstitious Habits?”
  • Elise Shewmaker, “Fueling Collegiate Softball: Encouraging Nutritious Habits for Body Composition and Performance Gains”


6:00-7:30 pm

  • Claudia Caplan Wolff, “A Black Man in a White World”
  • Cary Heinz, “Jackie After”
  • Fabio Montella, “Now Batting for Long Island: Jackie Robinson and the Fight for Equality in America’s first Suburbs”
  • David A. Jepsen, “Colored Champions of the West”
  • David Krell, “Baseball, Nostalgia, and The Sopranos

7:30-9:00 pm

  • Tim Jurkovac, “The Retro Ballpark and the Struggle for Community”
  • Ryan Woodward, “Putting Women’s Baseball History on the Map: A Librarian’s Approach to Increasing Access to Information and Building a Worldwide Baseball Community”
  • Kate Haines, “Shirley Burkovich: Pioneer, Activist, Trailblazer”
  • Bob Cullen, “Prelude to a Pioneering Baseball Career: Gene Baker and the U.S. Navy”
  • Howard M. Wasserman, “Evaluating the Baseball Achievements of Post-Retirement Jews-by-Choice


9:15-10:45 pm

  • Herbert F. Lewis and Thomas R. Sexton, “Impact of Advances in Technology and Analytics on Hall of Fame Voting”
  • Jarrett Markman, “Handedness in Baseball”
  • Hughston Preston, “Geographical Analysis of Major League Baseball Player Production”
  • Max Pietrykowski and Anthony Carilli, “Decisions, Discrimination, and Disqualification: The Economics of Racial Bias in Umpire Ejections”
  • Caitlyn Pritchard, “The Robopocalypse: The Effects of Technological Advancements in Baseball on Umpires”
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